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simply and quickly.

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M.i.l.k.- Minds In a Lovely Karma – was created from an idea, by ​​Alberto, Mario and Francesco.

We’ve worked for years producing records, soundtracks, on the most important stage sets and scenery for Italian theatres, and behind the scenes work at
concerts and TV shows.

As time went by, the productions and agencies that worked around us started to manage increasingly complex artistic and technological demands, which led
to an increase in the number of suppliers that had to be coordinated.

The result? The expended huge amounts of energy on management and ended up with budget problems.

The ability to manage complex production processes, help simplify them and provide solutions
is our specialty.

That’s why we wanted to create a company that worked alongside agencies, producers and entrepreneurs, rather than just provide them with a service.
We’ll be right beside you, to choose music and voices, take care of every audio issues, make everything
fit the budget and, in short… find solutions..

We can do all of this now, due to our wonderful close ties we’ve established with the best showbiz professionals over the years and thanks to M.i.l.k., a well organised and specialist audio facility, that combines
actors and musicians with the production of video and multimedia content for the market.


Make Art Possible!


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