Recording Studios

Choose the recording room with the acoustics that best suit your sound.

Our recording studios are suitable for every kind of music and every kind of music ensemble.

Music and Soundtracks Mixing

5.1 and Dolby Atmos Mixing Studio for Soundtracks.

Stereo mixing on SSL or Neve analog console.


Mastering for Spotify, iTunes and Vinyl.

Stem Mastering and DDP generation for CD Printing.

Artwork for CD and Vinyl

We design and produce the graphics of a musical album, from the concept to the print executives.

Photo Shooting and Music Videos

Music Videos and Photo Shooting to best promote a Music Production.

CD and Vinyl Printing and Duplication

CD and Vinyl Printing with Standard or Custom Package.

We make artworks and print executives. Fast and tracked deliveries.

Free your creativity, we’ll take care of the rest

We support musicians, bands and composers in every aspect of a musical production, through a careful production management : from the album recording to the printing, from the artwork design to the promotion management.

We coordinate every technical phase in the studio to get the best quality at the best price.


Recording, Mix, Mastering


Cover Design and Photo Shooting


Video Production



A selection of recording studios to manage the different artistic needs in sound research and production process


Our studios in Rome, Milan , Treviso and Torino are all equipped with latest generation Protools HD systems, analog outboard and a wide selection of microphones.



In our studios it’s possible to mix on analog Neve, Solid State Logic, Soundcraft consoles or mix In The Box (ITB) with Protools HD.

Two different ways to answer every production or budget request.

The choice of a way rather than another may depend on many factors such as the research for a particular timbre (in the case of Mixing on the Console) or to have the maximum possible versatility in recall (Mix ITB – In The Box).

Beyond the choice of production, our technical staff is prepared to always guarantee the maximum quality result .


  • Project studios for pre-production, editing and demo or auditions.
  • Recording Studios for album recording and music mixing
  • Large Studios for Scoring and Dolby mixing

Studio choice in Italy

Recording Studios in Rome, Milan, Treviso and Torino

Analog Console Mixing

ITB Mixing

Stereo Mix

Multichannel Mix

Dolby 5.1 and Dolby Atmos

Mastering for Spotify

Mastering for iTunes

Mastering for Vinyl


Audio Restoration

On-Line Mastering


Mastering a song or an album is an extremely important step in a music production, especially if the project will be published on multiple media or platforms, e.g. Vinyl and Spotify or iTunes .

Our Mastering studios are equipped with the best analog outboards (Maselec, Thermionic Culture, Manley, Focusrite and many others) and Multiple listening monitors to check the final result in different listening conditions.

With our solutions for Mastering it is possible to finalize entire albums or even single tracks:

Stereo Mastering | Stem Mastering | Audio Restoration


Choosing our online services means having a huge advantage: enjoying the same quality of our Attended Mastering service at at a more advantageous price.


Picture is the first contact with the listener

Representing the multiple facets of an idea in a CD cover or a Spotify thumbnail and the soul of an artist is a one of the most exciting challenges in making an album artwork.

Our creative staff is available to create a winning and original graphic concept , perfectly coherent with the sound of the album.

The artwork will be declined in the formats necessary for the artist’s communication on social profiles, on the web, in concerts and in press releases.

Artwork design consistent with the artistic idea

Graphic declination for events and Social

An extra boost to the musical message

Video Production

Production planning and staff management.

Post-production Service


Videoclip has always amplified the message strength of a music single, enhancing, through the images, the atmospheres created by the instruments, the poetry of the lyrics and the artist’s story.

Milk offers a video production staff made up of directors, cinematographers, operators, costume designers, make-up artists and extras, ready to respond to any kind of technical and artistic request.

We produce Music Videos, Concert Videos, Documentaries, Interviews and Video corporate.


CD, DVD and Vinyl printing and duplication Service for small and large print runs with a minimum order of 500 copies for each media type.

Our staff will take care of the S.i.a.e. Documents Management and quality control of the Audio Master File and the print executives before sending them to the production.

Among our printing and industrial duplication services we offer:

  • CD and DVD duplication with Glass Master
  • CD packaging in different formats
    • JewelBox
    • Digipack
    • PPL
    • Box Amaray
    • Custom
  • Duplication on Standard Black Vinyl
  • Duplication on Colored Vinyl
  • Vinyl packaging in different options
    • Internal Standard or Printed Pocket
    • PVC Bag
    • Standard or Gatefold cover
    • Custom Custom
    • Vinyl Boxes
  • SIAE Documents management
  • Quality Control
  • Artwork design

Quality Control and Check Print File

SIAE Documents

Industrial Printing and Duplication Service

Standard and Customizable Packaging


Tracked deliveries

"Milk is a way of thinking and living music, a place protected as a natural park, where space is also found for music that is not just for commercial purposes and where the studio is no longer just a place of work. Precursors of the location recording and as the acronym says "Minds In a Lovely Karma" to be free to express their ideas."

Livio Magnini - Bluvertigo

Livio Magnini


"In Milk I found professionalism, availability, sensitivity and a lot of technology applied to music."

Carlo Virzì

Carlo Virzì


"A team, constantly expanding, fresh, always attentive to new technological and artistic trends ... great, in short!"

Damiano Antinori

Damiano Antinori

Music Editor

"For more than 5 years, MILK has given voice to our productions! A successful collaboration at the service of our customers!"


Simone Mazzarelli - Ninetynine

Simone Mazzarelli

CEO - Ninetynine Srl

"Smile to Move Training has been collaborating with the Milk team for our e-learning courses for years, thanks to the availability and quality that we guarantee to be effective and to always transmit the right enthusiasm, it's a pleasure and a fun to work together!"

Marianna Marcuzzo - Smile To Move

Marianna Marcuzzo

Marketing Manager - Smile To Move Srl


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