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At Milk Studios you will find all the post-production services you need to realize your podcast marketing projects.

In Bricks by Milk you will find the voices and music that will bring your stories to life.

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Companies, brands, publishers, communication agencies. Everyone needs to produce quality podcasts for their digital marketing strategies.
Milk Studios will be by your side at every stage of production: from conception to copywriting, from recording to RSS feed generation.

A wide selection of Music, Voices and Sound FX.
A team of project managers, consultants, scriptwriters, technicians, and recording studios.

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Branded Podcasts

Corporate Podcasts

Educational Podcasts

Narrative Podcasts


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The podcast is the ultimate audio content.
A format with extraordinary narrative and communication potential destined to remain and become a cornerstone of any corporate digital marketing strategy.
There are many types, and the first step is to choose the one best suited to your goals.

Corporate Podcasts

Companies that are structuring their own podcast marketing strategy can create a wide range of corporate podcasts, based on the goals and targets they want to give themselves. You can create educational or inspirational podcasts to do team building or increase the skills of your employees. Entire series can be created to take the audience through the discovery of their products, involving experts and interviews. Or tell the story of your own company. Nothing is more engaging than a good story. And companies are full of good stories.

Branded Podcasts

Branded podcasts are audio content designed to create a deep connection between the audience and the brand: its values; its mission; its corporate vision. Podcasts that speak the same language as the brand, and bring its unmistakable style to the outside world. Projects that tell the meaning of your brand like no other.

Educational Podcasts

Podcasts are an extremely effective training tool. They can be very useful for cultural, vocational, language, business teaching. What makes the difference is the audio quality. The best podcasts have texts written specifically to be read, and great voices to enrapture the listener. At Milk Studios we will adapt your copy for the actors, and we will support you in choosing the most suitable voices for your project.

Narrative Podcasts

Oral storytelling is the purest and most essential form of communication. This is why narrative podcasts are among the most popular podcast styles. A great voice telling a great story. Engaging sound design, great music, and great voices can tell unforgettable stories.


Fiction podcasts reimagined by Milk. Audiomovies are extremely engaging and exciting audio content. Immersive sound design, original scripts, cinematic acting, and realistic action. There is virtually no limit to the stories that are achievable with our audiomovies.

Remote recording

Acquisition and editing of audio contributions


Proofreading and copywriting

Dubbing Direction

Sound Design


Post-production and Mix

Master file delivery

Milk is a way of thinking and living music, a place protected as a natural park, where space is also found for music that is not just for commercial purposes and where the studio is no longer just a place of work. Precursors of the location recording and as the acronym says "Minds In a Lovely Karma" to be free to express their ideas.

Livio Magnini - Bluvertigo

Livio Magnini


In Milk I found professionalism, availability, sensitivity and a lot of technology applied to music.

Carlo Virzì

Carlo Virzì


A team, constantly expanding, fresh, always attentive to new technological and artistic trends ... great, in short!

Damiano Antinori

Damiano Antinori

Music Editor

For more than 5 years, MILK has given voice to our productions! A successful collaboration at the service of our customers!


Simone Mazzarelli - Ninetynine

Simone Mazzarelli

CEO - Ninetynine Srl

Smile to Move Training has been collaborating with the Milk team for our e-learning courses for years, thanks to the availability and quality that we guarantee to be effective and to always transmit the right enthusiasm, it's a pleasure and a fun to work together!

Marianna Marcuzzo - Smile To Move

Marianna Marcuzzo

Marketing Manager - Smile To Move Srl

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